Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Presidential Sex Toy

The one thing that George Bush doesn't need.


Yes, but he looks good as long as you don't listen to him.

"Jailbait" Is a Clear and Present Danger

Insist on proof of age on at least two photo IDs.

Conscience Is a Precious Thing

At least Pinocchio has no strings.

It Speaks for Itself

A Logitudinal Look at the Bush-Cheney Administration

Bush-Cheney has been more toxic than crack.

A Rebuttal from the Christ

This is more than "we agree to disagree."

Sarah's Vision for America

Every family will go to the Special Olympics

The Real Party Convention

No one can deny the Republicans are party animals.

All We Are Saying Is Give War a Chance

He seems to have learned the tune but missed the message.

The Cheney Bush Valentine

More Bookends

Doesn't anyone remember Vietnam or Paul and Artie?

Save an Astronaut from the Criminal Justice System

This one is for real and not a joke. This woman needs everyone's help.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cheney: The Blowhard Yellow Belly

Worse than a Coward?

Cheney seems to have his supporters.

Lifting the Burden of Responsibility

It appears that responsibility is no longer the bitch it used to be.

Republican Vietnam War Evaders

Click on this one to see the disgraceful "Chickenhawks" who are really just chickens even though they want to send other men to die for their Country. Collectively, they strike a substantial blow on behalf of tolerance for personal cowardice in leadership.

He Ain't No Poncho Villa

Friday, February 9, 2007

Oh Billy, Oh Billy-O

Why country western music will never die. Apologies to Graham Parsons & Emmy Lou Harris for their lyrics.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Humpty Dumpty Casualty in Iraq

The metaphor of "the fabric of Iraqi social/political stability has been abraded" would have been far more comforting than "the thin eggshell of Iraqi social/political stability has been cracked." Unfortunately, both are overly optimistic assessments of the situation and discomfort is the appropriate response to assessing what is happening in Iraq.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Onward Petroleum Soldiers

It couldn't just be about stealing their oil, could it?

Why We Cannot Fail in Iraq

Dubya is not stupid; he is just a shallow fraternity man.

The War in Iraq is Won!

It must have been worth it if we allowed the lynching of Saddam Hussein.

Sports Car Accessories

You have to admire the French for their wine, cheese and automobile innovations.

Opinions on Iraq

It's always a bad idea to piss off Uncle Sam.

Age of Consent to What?

If she is old enough to drive is she old enough to chose who will bang her?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Impeach Bush God Bless America

This is the kind of support that I would want if I were in Iraq.

I. Lewis Scooter Libby

The Bush Braintrust loses "Scooter"

Abu Ghraib Stamp

Lyndie England Poster Girl for Evils of War

What Anthrax? What Never Gas? What Terrorists?

What Weapons of Mass Destruction? It's always a mistake to piss off Uncle Sam.

Women for Peace

They said it; I'm just reporting it.

A Vote for Morality

I'll bet it was a Grand Old Party.A Fox for every Hen House is the Republican way.

It's 1.5 Miles by 1.3 Miles if You Are Interested

Presently the USMC Fallujah Transition Prisoner Facility but the possibilities of a theme park are endless.
Trigger Happy Dick Cheney. No question about Cheney being a dick but even he can't go hunting without paying for tags.

The Texan Presidential Library

Scratch Iraq Smell Vietnam

Bookends with Apologies to Paul and Artie

It's funny how some wounds just never heal.